Institutional Investor Services

Banks, Insurance Companies, Social Security Agencies, Issuers of Financial Instruments, Foundations and Institutional Investors find in Banca Finnat - and particularly in the Corporate Investors department - dedicated and highly qualified staff who guarantee prompt responses and dialogue based on the principles of quality, transparency, fairness and competence.


The stock brokerage offered by Banca Finnat covers the main international markets and all types of financial instruments (shares, bonds, derivatives) as well as highly specialised niche segments such as CO2 emission trading.

Banca Finnat has extensive, consolidated experience in this field, particularly with regard to the management of:

  1. large orders from corporate clients, which are “handled” by dedicated desks;
  2. large flows from the order collection sectors of banking networks, which are processed by a well-established organisational structure and procedures;
  3. specialist activities for liquidity, Brokerage on ATFund and on other Corporate Broking services on various stock market segments (EGM - already AIM ITALIA, STAR, MOT, SEDEX, ATFund, etc.);

Added to this is compliance with the main placement operations, including for retail clients or in GPM for intermediaries who are not direct members of OPV consortia (OPV service for intermediaries).

Banca Finnat operates in asset management, with managed savings lines in stocks and funds, asset management for corporate clients (Institutional Client Management), OICR investment funds (New Millennium SICAV, New Millennium SIF-SICAV) and solutions for third-party account managers, such as the set-up and administration of dedicated funds and/or of SICAV, including through Luxembourg-based Man.Co. Natam. Asset management comprises:

  1. rigorous management processes, including for ESG factors, with a highly flexible approach to meet any requirement;
  2. specific services calibrated to manage insurance portfolios: effective ALM oversight, reports and risk management oversight, familiarity with ISVAP requirements.

Asset management products may be underwritten directly by bodies or institutions, i.e. distributed by those banks wishing to expand their range.

Advisory services with a variety of goals are also provided, including:

  • assisting corporate investors in their choice of portfolio, consistently with risk/return preferences;
  • supporting other intermediaries wishing to provide their end client with financial consultancy services (provision of model portfolios, short lists, etc.).

Corporate Broking services support liquidity and knowledge of the companies.

Banca Finnat supports issuers, particularly small cap companies listed (and pending) on two fronts:

  1. in their "secondary" requirements with liquidity Services (specialist on EGM - already AIM Italia, EGM - already MTA, STAR and MIV) as a liquidity provider, appointed intermediary, i.e. managing share buyback plans, as well as for Securi- ties Warehousing needs and/or market interventions for special operations;
  2. in "Coverage", i.e. by providing professional support to listed companies in order to promote and raise awareness of them among Corporate Investors and thus enhance their characteristics. These activities involve: both thè Equity Research Department - which produces research and comments on main events and data - and thè Equity Sales team, which operates proactively towards its network of investors, also through thè promotion of targeted meetings with specific investors or by actively work­ ing at Company presentation events.

Banca Finnat assists listed companies or those intending to start the listing process, with a focus on the Euronext Growth Milan market (already AIM Italia), of which it is the main operator with leadership positions in all possible roles: Specialist, Nomad, Financial Advisor, Global Coordinator.

Banca Finnat provides specialist support for all administrative and back office needs relating to centralised management at Monte Titoli. The Bank's ambition is to offer the issuer operational umbrella support that covers all requirements relating to dematerialisation on all the financial instruments issued. Services may be provided in relation to individual issues (one specific ISIN) or individual services (one specific requirement).

Banca Finnat performs the role of Custodian for investors holding large securities portfolios. The institute also makes available specialist Solutions for operating in partnership with all authorised intermediaries (SIM, SGR) that offer investment Services but cannot also handle the custody and administration of their clients' financial instruments. In particular, Banca Finnat offers these Account Managers an integrated solution that enables them to operate upstream and then provide settlement on the specific files of individuai clients.


Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.