Private Banking & Wealth Management

Private bankers dal 1898

“We have been private bankers since 1898. Our history of entrepreneurs now in the fifth generation is the best confirmation of the capabilities we can offer our clients”

Banca Finnat has always invested in listening to its clients and in selecting the most capable co-workers, building the skills that enable the Group to offer its clients the very best investment solutions. The Bank has an integrated vision of family and corporate assets, alongside in-depth knowledge of how to manage them in the handover to future generations.

A team of professionals

Banca Finnat employs a team of professionals with many years' experience and a wealth of knowledge from a range of sectors: from Asset Management to Extraordinary Finance, Corporate Finance to Brokerage, Real Estate to Trust Services.

In a complex global scenario going through profound and rapid change, even the most consolidated skills must be constantly updated. This is why one of Banca Finnat's biggest priorities is to offer private bankers a structured training programme covering not only subjects relating to property investment but also legal and fiscal subjects associated with “asset management”.

How we work with clients

Our clients have a dedicated contact person who guides them through their relationship with Banca Finnat to handle any requirements and provide access to all our services. Our asset management experts include specialists in funds and investments, as well as consultants specialising in asset planning and management, credit and corporate finance.

Our clients


Wealth Management

Wealth management is a broader concept of private banking that focuses on investments and banking services. Wealth management requires multidisciplinary skills, which are made available to those clients with complex asset management issues.

A further step in Banca Finnat getting to know the client and a demonstration of the client's trust in the confidentiality and expertise of Banca Finnat.

  • Asset Protection
    • Many events in a family's life need planning, but sometimes assistance is also needed when these events cause anxiety and, in some cases, financial pressure and cash flow issues. Banca Finnat knows about these issues and faces them with the client in the preventive planning stage and, in some cases, when the need or emergency arises.
  • Planning tools
    • Drawing up the “family plan”
    • Help with setting up family agreements
    • Help with drafting a will
    • Help with setting up a Trust
    • Help with setting up an asset fund
    • Management of philanthropy and collection goals
    • Insurance solutions
    • Divestment of property assets
    • Annuities and pension supplementation
    • Inheritance planning
  • Asset management
    • Training for family members in finance, asset and business management



Our specialisation in financial services, transparency and confidentiality distinguishes Banca Finnat from conventional banks.