Advisory & Corporate Finance

The team of professionals at Banca Finnat has built up significant experience in the financial consultancy sector. Our professionals have experience and skills that flexibly adapt to the specific requirements of each task. The working methods developed by our team members guarantee each consultancy and analysis task is carried out with the due transparency and effectiveness, ensuring the client's objectives are met. The consultancy services our team offers include comprehensive and integrated professional support designed to create value, through:

  • consolidated experience
  • a stable, reliable relationship teamed with an excellent image and reputation
  • recognised financial and industrial competence and a rapid, effective and efficient decision-making process
  • an extensive network of contacts and experiences, and collaboration and support focused on development
  • availability to access financial resources


The Banca Finnat SpA Advisory & Corporate Finance team provides companies with consultancy in corporate finance and assistance with extraordinary finance operations.

In this area, the Bank assists its clients with the main corporate finance issues, such as:


Appraisals and financial, procedural and contractual advice for extraordinary finance transactions such as mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions and disposals. This service comprises assistance for directly state-owned companies and public bodies in privatisation transactions.

Advice for Stock Market listing operations in the capacity of sponsor, listing partner and Nomad (for the AIM Italia-Mac market). This service includes assistance in all market listing-related activities: presentation of documentation to the authorities and ensuring related requirements have been observed; organisation of meetings with Italian and foreign investors; appraisal of the business in order to define the offer price range; market disclosure of the essential data concerning the company after listing. Within this sphere, the Bank - together with the competent units - can also carry out Global Coordinator activities.

Specialist advice for establishing the theoretical current value of companies and/or business segments; this service also includes the issuing of fairness opinions and the calculation of share swap ratios. The appraisal work programme includes the accomplishment of all procedures necessary for establishing the general value of the company’s economic capital via use of method-based principles concurrent with legal theory and professional practice.

Analysis, organisation and participation in structured finance transactions for the purpose of developing activities (minibonds, LBO, acquisition financing, securitization, convertible bond issues, m/l-term funding, leasing & factoring).

Advice for industrial restructuring transactions aimed at - also via M&A - strategic and competitive re-positioning with a view to creating new value for shareholders. Advice for financial restructuring transactions aimed at restoring a balanced financial set up (optimisation of the debt/equity ratio, identification of the most suitable financial instruments in relation to business activities) as well as improving relations with the banking system and the related credit standing.

Analysis of the economic-financial sustainability of the project, identification of financial resources, organisation and participation in project financing transactions.

Analysis of the financial impact of strategic business choices, study of competitive positioning, search for industrial and financial partners, study of development/diversification/relinquishment alternatives. Advice regarding risk capital and/or debt capital and corporate reorganisation transactions, with the aim of pin-pointing a first-rate ratio between debt and equity.


Banca Finnat is admitted and registered by Borsa Italiana in the register of Euronext Growth Advisors.