Institutional Client Management

This is a professional savings management service specially designed for this type of client (Banks, Foundations, SGR, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, etc.) which, by virtue of legislative, regulatory or statutory constraints, require special attention in the definition of investment strategies and their subsequent implementation.

Banca Finnat makes its asset management expertise available to this type of client, offering a highly specialised service characterised by strong interaction between client and account manager with particular reference to the portfolio composition, operating leverage and benchmark that best meet the needs of the applicant in terms of risk profile.

If particular requirements call for part of the assets to be invested in specific sectors that BFE does not cover with its experience, management of this part of the asset is delegated to other intermediaries, also based abroad, which are selected on a case by case basis and consulting the client where applicable. In that event, Banca Finnat will still be responsible for client-facing management and will fulfil all administrative and fiscal obligations.

If your bank is interested in this service, please contact us for the necessary technical and commercial agreements:

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