Advanced Electronic Signature

The purpose of the Advanced Electronic Signature (AES), structured as a Graphometric Signature, is to replace paper-based documents issued by the bank and gradually introduce digital documentation.

This allows our customers to sign on a Signature Pad with a digital pen thus replacing the traditional handwritten signature on paper documents. A copy of the signed document is stored and sent by e-mail or made available on the Internet Banking application.

This new AES service will be extended in the future to include the purchase of products sold by Banca Finnat. Customers may always request the Bank to provide them with a paper copy of the documents signed with this new method.

Unlike qualified and digital signatures, Advanced Electronic Signatures do not require either a qualified certificate or a secure device for signatures to be valid since they are able to recognize customers’ movement patterns with great precision and it is therefore impossible for anyone to affix fake signatures on behalf of third parties.

Advanced Electronic Signature - system features and technologies used picture_as_pdf

The AES replaces paper documentation with electronic documents. This provides greater security for the generation and storage of the documents and greater respect for the environment, thanks to a substantial reduction in deforestation.
Implementing the AES is simple and immediate: just go to your branch and sign on the dedicated pad. Once you have completed your signature, you can confirm it, repeat it or cancel the entire transaction. Upon confirmation, the encrypted data is relayed to our systems in an anonymous manner by a secure connection.
Dedicated signature pads, equipped with special digital styluses, on which you can write your signature at the end of transactions have been installed at all the cash desks.
You can choose how to receive your documents: among your internet banking documents, by e-mail or in paper format.
Graphometric data is captured for each signature, i.e. the speed with which the signature is written, the pressure exercised, acceleration of movements, rhythm and inclination angle: unique features which characterize your signature and which cannot be reproduced by anyone else.
Yes, the document generated will be stored digitally in compliance with legal requirements, guaranteeing the contents cannot be changed or altered, for the duration required by applicable law.
The Advanced Electronic Signature is completely free.
Yes, it has the same legal validity and probative efficacy. It guarantees respect of the law, including the regulations related to personal data protection..
No, you can choose whether you would like to sign by using an Advanced Electronic Signature or traditional handwritten signature. Moreover, you can cancel the Advanced Electronic Signature service whenever you like.
You can cancel the AES service whenever you like.
You can write to for any kind of request related to documentation signed on a tablet.


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