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The MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU)

The EU regulation on investment services and markets in financial instruments – known as MiFID II – entered into force on 3.01.2018, as a revamped version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

The “INVESTMENT SERVICES INFORMATION DOCUMENT”, prepared according to the EU Regulation 2017/565, contains the following information:

- Appendix to the investmentservices information document: This Appendix has replaced the “Section VIII – Bank order execution strategy” of the Investment services information document with effect from the 2nd of January 2020.
  1. SECTION I – Information about the bank and its investment services – page 4
  2. SECTION II – Information on the conflict of interest and incentives policy – page 7
  3. SECTION III – Information concerning safeguarding of client financial instruments and client funds – page 9
  4. SECTION IV – Information about financial instruments and products – page 11
  5. SECTION V – Information concerning client categorisation – page 27
  6. SECTION VI – Overview of the key clauses of the client framework agreement – page 28
  7. SECTION VII – Information on costs and associated charges – page 45
  8. SECTION VIII – Bank order execution strategy – page 46 (This Section has been replaced from the Appendix with effect from the 2nd of January 2020)

- Annex 1 - Order execution locations on Financial Instruments
- Annex 2 - Order execution locations on Financial Instruments Internet Banking


EMIR – Regulation (EU) no. 648/2012 – Art. 38(1) - Transparency

The EMIR – Regulation (EU) no. 648/2012 entered into effect on 16 August 2012. Among the transparency requirements introduced by the Regulation, paragraph 1 of art.38 provides for the public disclosure of the prices and fees applied by the authorised central counterparties (CCPs) and their clearing members, in relation to the clearing services provided to their clients.

Banca Finnat, in the capacity of Clearing Member of Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia, is required to comply with this provision. Therefore, we will exclusively apply the trading commissions provided by the agreements entered into with our clients, in relation to the execution of orders for clients and related clearing services.

The commissions cover all the costs incurred by the bank to provide the above mentioned services. Having regard to the commissions applied by the authorised Central Counterparties (CCPs), in pursuance of art. 38(1) of the EMIR Regulation, the website of Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia shows the prices applied to Banca Finnat.

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