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OPV for Intermediaries

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Banca Finnat | OPV for Intermediaries| Institutional Site

The “OPV for Intermediaries” service targets banks and other Authorised Intermediaries, enabling them to take part in the placement operations (OPV – Public Offering of Shares, IPO, etc.), simply and effectively, without having to directly join a syndicate. Banca Finnat, in fact, participates – through its Finance Department – in most share placements and capital increases, as a member of the guarantee and placement syndicates. Banca Finnat’s independence enables it to operate across all principal placements. An intermediary, therefore, will have the reasonable certainty of finding Banca Finnat’s name in the list of Syndicate members.

In particular, the “OPV for Intermediaries” service envisages the following steps:

  • Prepares and sends, for each transaction, a slim and concise report describing the characteristics and timescales of the transaction, from an eminently practical point of view..
  • Collects requests for prospectuses and fact sheets and distributes them, together with the rules of service, when received from the Global Coordinator.
  • Receives acceptance orders, which it then groups in a digital format (usually a simplified Excel file agreed with the client) and promptly transmits them, after having “translated” them into the special format envisaged for the transaction.
  • Communicates the final price of the shares.
  • Communicates, to the institutional Client, the names of the relevant assignees and the number of shares assigned. This notification is made in a very short time, thanks to electronic procedures, which, beginning with the draw results, if any, identify the fulfilled orders and automatically create the executed transactions for the Intermediar.

These characteristics of Banca Finnat’s “OPV for intermediaries” service enable Intermediaries to take part in the transactions (for an adequate financial benefit) without any inconvenience or organisational/procedural effort, in a much simpler way, compared to direct membership of a Placement syndicate.

The service necessarily involves the disclosure of sensitive client data, with respect to the transactions, which makes the choice of a reliable “partner” a particularly delicate one. Banca Finnat is widely known for its strong reputation of confidentiality and integrity; furthermore, lacking a widespread network of branches and focusing on “non-retail” customer segments, it cannot be perceived as a dangerous competitor..

If your Bank is interested in this service, please contact our unit for the necessary technical and commercial agreements: istituzionali@finnat.it.
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