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Recruitment Desk
Banca Finnat assigns strategic value to the company staff. By means of highly professional and skilled team workers, it will continue to satisfy the requirements of the Customers, in terms of product and service quality. In order to apply for a post in the specific area of interest, please use the form below, including your personal details and curriculum vitae.

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Information on privacy
Candidates for recruitment to Banca Finnat (hereinafter the Bank) may submit their applications via e-mail, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and other information the candidate considers useful to their assessment. The submission of such information is voluntary, and the actual submission constitutes consent to the processing of such information. The data processing controller is Banca Finnat S.p.A. and the Privacy Manager is Giovanni Sciarrillo. The Bank will process the candidate's personal data in accordance with the regulations on privacy protection as expressed in Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, in a manner that is legal and relevant to the assessment and selection of its personnel. All information submitted is at the discretion of the candidate. However, we recommend that certain "sensitive" information (e.g. religious or political beliefs, health-related information, etc.) as this would not be used in the personnel recruitment process. Messages containing such information will be deleted without processing. Personal data will not be used for any purpose other than that indicated. Personal information submitted by the candidate will be processed by electronic and manual means by the Bank's appointed officers. The Bank reserves the right, on occasions, to disclose the information received to external entities cooperating in the development and selection process of the Bank's Human Resources. The candidate may at any time request information regarding his/her personal data or about the external entities that may have received such data, exercising his/her legal rights. Cancellation of the data may also be requested. The personal data will in any event be cancelled from the Bank's electronic and paper archives a maximum three years after its receipt.

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