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Services to Small-Cap corporate listed or close to be listed

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Corporate Broker

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Strategic advice on the possibility of listing or on the opportunities for extraordinary transactions

Structuring of the listing process and post-listing assistance

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Placement activities

Post-listing support - liquidity provider

Financial Studies, Research and Analyses

Proactive activities for institutional investors

Administrative support in connection with the centralised management system of Monte Titoli

Banca Finnat offers a range of services to listed companies (or in the IPO stage), with a special focus on small and medium enterprises. Our support services include:

Financial Advisor
Financial Advisors are financial consultants specialised in developing feasibility studies for listing operations. In the case of listed issuers, Advisors can identify, analyse and assess any opportunities for extraordinary transactions and support the Company in the achievement of those transactions, which include the issuing of bonds, capital increases and migration projects towards other stock exchange projects. Banca Finnat's principal reference market is the AIM Italia market, although we are also qualified to support listing (or migration) processes on other markets.

NomAds (Nominated Advisers) assist and support AIM Italia Issuers in the fulfilment of their tasks, consistently with the rules set out in the Issuer Regulation, for the purpose of maintaining an adequate information transparency profile towards Investor, for the entire period spent on the market.

Global Coordinator and Distributor
Global Coordinators are dealers responsible for placing the Issuer's shares and collecting acceptances of Capital Increases or Bonds.

Corporate Broking positions
Banca Finnat is particularly focused on Corporate Broking services, dedicated to Issuers with listed financial instruments aimed at fostering trading liquidity, besides the knowledge and opportune valorisation by institutional Investors. In this case, our Bank also supports Issuers in respect of operations regarding their own securities, which, due to the complex regulatory environment (MAR Regulation, rules governing the purchase of own shares), can be rather delicate and require the designation of specialised dealers.

Banca Finnat, thanks to the competences we have built up and to our inter-disciplinary skills, can provide for all the operational requirements of listed companies, in connection with specific mandates, an overview of which is provided below:

Specialist/Liquidity Provider
Under the Borsa Italiana rules, the Issuers of AIM and STAR-listed securities are required to designate and maintain a Specialist, on a continuous basis, tasked with guaranteeing and supporting market liquidity. This position, moreover, is optional for the other segments of Borsa Italiana.

Banca Finnat is a market leader in the role of Specialist in the AIM segment (where it is by far the intermediary with the most positions) and has similar roles also in the STAR segment, the MIV market and, generally speaking, the MTA market as well, providing a range of services beyond the minimum legal requirements.

    Stock liquidity guarantees
    The Specialist operates on its own account, although it may also share the economic risks involved with the Issuer. The lower the economic risk assumed by the Specialist, the more beneficial the terms applied to the Issuer for the service.

    Although there are no obligatory reporting requirements, Banca Finnat nevertheless provides an auxiliary periodical reporting service on the activities performed, featuring a detailed and objective summary of the transactions carried out, offering a clear perception of how the order-books develop, also based on the many indicators produced.

    Transaction monitoring
    We also provide in-depth ongoing monitoring of the order-book dynamics: Issuers can rely on the services of a highly professional expert also proactively highlighting any anomalous trends in their securities, explaining the reasons for any suspensions, failed openings, etc.

Analyst Coverage / Equity Research
The main purpose of a company's Coverage by a financial intermediary is to increase the flow of information between the company and the Investors, to adequately valorise the company's characteristics and the key events underlying its operations. Coverage is generally provided by the Bank working with the Specialists (or Liquidity providers).

To this end, Banca Finnat makes available to Issuers:

  1. a team of highly qualified Analysts dedicated to analysing the Company, its business and its fundamentals. In particular, our Research Departments produces an adequate number of researches (at least two a year, as required for companies subject to the AIM Issuer Regulation), to provide a comprehensive and transparent picture for Investors.
  2. an Equity Sales team dedicated to promoting the Company within a consolidated Investor network, highlighting securities through integrated and effective communication activities.

In this field, at Banca Finnat we:
  • comment on any significant news with short memos circulated within our consolidated Institutional Investor network;
  • develop Company assessment model, based on the information we collect, for defining Target Prices and/or recommendations;
  • produce a comprehensive analysis of the Company, with at least one update each year, to be circulated among Institutional Investors;
  • foster knowledge about the Company by the Institutional Investor community, through the circulation of memos, or by meeting specific Investor, or actively collaborating in Company presentations;
  • promote the circulation of the Press Reports released by Issuers.

Therefore, our Analysts and Sales Experts constantly monitor the Issuer's corporate events, in order to effectively circulate the information within the Financial Community. The choice of an experienced intermediary with proven expertise like Banca Finnat can efficaciously contribute to enhancing interest in the company by the financial markets, thus facilitating any capital raising operations and fostering the distribution of information about the Issuer, which is necessary for correct pricing on the market.

As well as Specialist/Liquidity Provider and Coverage services, at Banca Finnat we also assist issuers in preparing "buy back plans" (for the repurchasing by Issuers of their own shares previously placed and exchanged on the secondary market).

Dedicated reporting
Issuers who select coverage by Banca Finnat can also look forward to a service plus. Besides the services already provided as Corporate Broker, Issuers will also receive dedicated quarterly reports containing:
  • a detailed analysis (with graphs) of the prices/volumes related to the most significant events and notices issued in the reference period;
  • a look-through of trade, including comparisons with the previous quarter;
  • an analysis of the probable shareholder developments, indicating any possible important shareholders and related stakes
  • a summary of the big-deals regarding the shares;
  • a summary of the warrant data..

Valorisation of ESG issues in the Coverage service
The Financial Services world is increasingly committed to Sustainability as a whole. The ESG approach to
investments takes into account Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, for corporate assessment purposes, and provides Investors with enhanced transparency and awareness. This approach is more and more widely used by large Institutional Investors, whose sensitivity towards ESG issues is growing and, in some cases, has even become a discriminating element in investment decisions.

Banca Finnat, being fully aware of the growing importance of ESG issues - and of how they are analysed alongside the financial factors, throughout the investment process - is committed to making sure that these aspects are appreciable and assessable for Small Caps too, for which this kind of information is generally not available and which, moreover, are not even analysed by the large ESG rating agencies. In particular, for issuers seeking Coverage, Banca Finnat shall endeavour to bring out the characteristics, objectives and modus operandi consistent with the best ESG practices and highlight them in its research. Therefore, our analysts will investigate these aspects, also by administering a qualitative questionnaire, developed directly by the Bank's Research Department, for an analysis of these factors.

PMI on stock exchange with Banca Finnat

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