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Banca Finnat and CO2 quota operations (Emission Trading - EUA)

Banca Finnat | CO2 quota operations| Institutional Site

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Banca Finnat | CO2 quota operations| Institutional Site

Within the sphere of its Brokerage activities, in 2013 Banca Finnat - always attentive to new opportunities for extending its range of services - established a desk dedicated to the greenhouse gas emission quotas market (“Emission Trading”) and enrolled in the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR), handled in Italy by the Ministry for the Environment.

The desk is active not only in the markets of derivatives on emission quotas (first and foremost CO2), but also with regard to the execution of orders on the spot market; in addition, to protect and guarantee Customers, the Bank also adopts trading methods for these transactions which are consistent with the “MIFID” requirements and therefore characterised by the utmost transparency, efficiency and security, and the reduction of timescales.

This Bank policy is a precursor to the new version of the MIFID directive, approved at EU level in May 2014: on the basis of this legislation, the quotas which are traded in the European Emission Trading System will soon be qualified as financial instruments and all brokers and parties active on this market will have to abide by the code of conduct which Banca Finnat has already independently decided to adopt.

Aside from its purely brokerage activities, the Banca Finnat desk (first Italian bank enrolled on the Union Registry for Emissions) proposes customised risk management solutions for the optimisation of the costs of the compliance activities for parties taking part in the ETS, as well as other solutions aimed at using the value of the emission rights portfolio.

Why operate in a CO2 context with Banca Finnat

Those subject to the EU ETS directive who choose to operate via Banca Finnat enjoy special protection and an important series of benefits:

  • the reliability of a Banking Institution active for many years in the field of financial brokerage and trading which will also apply its most consolidated and tried and tested policies and best practices to the CO2, context
  • the security of a counterpart already structured with regard to MIFID , whose regulations (MIFID II) already envisage the inclusion of the emission rights
  • specialist skills for understanding business needs and the organisation of specific solutions associated with the legislation on the Emission Trading System and its periodic updates; the certainty of being able to rely on ‘best execution', conditions, the possibility of operating efficiently on all the main markets, both spot and derivatives, and structured back-office units
  • sound contractual framework: operations are regulated and assisted by typical bank contracts and specific enclosures for CO2operations. Complying with these contractual schemes, the Customer, should they wish, may also access the entire range of banking and financial products which the Bank dedicates to businesses at any time.

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If your Bank is interested in this service, please contact our unit for the necessary technical and commercial agreements: istituzionali@finnat.it
Banca Finnat and CO2 quota operations (Emission Trading - EUA) - Documentation

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