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Last Newsletter

Banca Finnat | Last Newsletter| Institutional Site

Banca Finnat

Banca Finnat | Last Newsletter| Institutional Site

Finnat Informazioni is the Banca Finnat Group newsletter designed and written for its Institutional Customers. In fact, the newsletter is addressed to Banks, Banking Foundations, Welfare Funds, Real Estate Property Funds, Stockbroking firms, Asset Management companies, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies and Corporate Customers in order to keep the current clientele, along with those customers potentially interested in the services provided by the Group, up-to-date on current initiatives and ongoing projects.

Despite its predominantly “institutional” tone, the newsletter is also a useful updating tool for private customers who want information on Finnat products and services.

Please click here and insert your details to receive the monthly newsletter free-of-charge (you can remove yourself from the distribution list at any time by selecting the remove option in the same space).

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If your Bank is interested in this service, please contact our unit for the necessary technical and commercial agreements: istituzionali@finnat.it
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Banca Finnat Euramerica S.p.A.
Registered office in Piazza del Gesù n.49, (IT-00198) Rome, Italy
Share capital € 72,576,000.00 fully paid-in, represented by 362,880,000 ordinary shares
Enrolled in the Banking Register under No. 5369
Holding Company of the Banca Finnat Euramerica Italian banking group,
enrolled in the Banca d’Italia’s Register of banking groups No. 5557
Enrolled in the Rome Companies’ Register Tax Code No. 00168220069 - VAT No. 0085601004 - SDI recipient code: IOPVBGU
R.E.A. n.444286 – ABI 3087.4 – BIC code: FNATITRRXXX – LEI code: 815600835712F7BA2869
Member of the National Interbank Deposit Guarantee Fund
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