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Banca Finnat boasts a consolidated experience and longstanding track record in services for Institutional Clients. A large number of Banks, SGRs (savings management companies), SIMs (stock broking companies), Insurance Companies, Family Office Services, Foundations, Social Security Schemes, Pension Plans, listed Issuers … already use the dedicated services delivered by Banca Finnat, to their satisfaction.

The growing preference by this type of client is due to a particular characteristic of the Bank, which is widely acknowledged as a financial boutique, combining tradition, independence and autonomy, reliability, professionalism, competence, confidentiality and dedicated channels.

Finnat Group today is the current development of a successful business story beginning at the end of the 19th century. For us, “Building long-term relations” is not a resonating slogan, nor a mere ambition: it embodies a 120-year long corporate policy, a commitment for over 400 human resources working in the Group alongside the fourth generation of ownership.

Finnat is not part of any large bank conglomeration. Our independence and autonomy allow us an absolute freedom of choice, with regard to our services, thanks to which we are able to grasp the best opportunities in the exclusive interest of our clients.

At Finnat we can guarantee a high degree of capital stability, with one of the top “Tier1 coefficient” rankings in the industry.

Specialisation and focus are more than just a simple collective ambition: they are the milestones that have ensured the success of our brand in a highly competitive environment, allowing us to build a reputation as a desirable partner to the biggest Italian banks. This approach has been re-iterated in each successive phase of our Group’s business expansion, to the point that today we have some among the best specialists in the industry.

Institutional Clients do not see Banca Finnat as a potential competitor, but rather as a partner. Thanks to our size and organisation – we have no local branches and do not target retail clients – we can deliver services based on shared information, data and policies that require stringent confidentiality. In fact, we have an acknowledged and appreciated track record of confidentiality and fidelity, which, combined with our capacity to adequately understand and support the needs of our partners, are the strong pillars of a successful relationship.

We have a dedicated privileged channel for listening to the needs of our Institutional Clients: our Institutional Investors Office, which interfaces with all our specialist teams to provide the best possible response. 

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The Institutional customers are sent a monthly newsletter which informs them of the activities and initiatives put together by the Bank of potential interest to them.
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