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Banca Finnat | Trusteeship activities| Institutional Site

The aim of Banca Finnat’s Trusteeship activities is to meet the needs of its customers as regards the governance of their assets, considering the contingent and prospective business and family-related aspects unique to each customer. Banca Finnat thus works alongside its customers when dealing with planning, protection and inheritance-related aspects connected with entrepreneurial activities and financial and real estate assets. The legal and tax-related support provided by the Group supplements its direct activities for the establishment and handling of the agreed transactions through the use of the Group Trust Companies: Finnat Fiduciaria S.p.A. and Finnat Gestioni S.A.. Within this sphere, the Group directly devises, implements and handles a wide range of trust transactions for corporate and household governance: the ideal insurance structures, the Trust, the Trust Registration and Structures, the Irrevocable Mandates, the Family Agreements, the Escrow Agreements, assessing any legal and tax-related implications case-by-case, in the light of individual requirements. In addition to her traditional task of trust management for assets, Finnat Fiduciaria, established in 1986,also has consolidated experience in corporate trust transactions and those relating to generation-to-generation changeover. Finnat Fiduciaria also specialises in trust formation and administration activities and, in its guise as trustee, manages various types of trusts aimed at administrating and protecting family assets, safeguarding minors and incapacitated parties, handling inheritance arrangements and achieving corporate and commercial ends.


In accordance with the laws in force, trust registration ensures complete confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties as assets and valuables are formally registered in the name of the Trustee despite remaining the property of the Customer.

Via the subsidiary trust company, Finnat Fiduciaria S.p.A., Banca Finnat offers trust services such as:

  • Trust management of financial assets
  • Trust management of corporate assets
  • Guarantee function
  • Asset planning

Asset Trust Management Brochure.
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