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Banca Finnat | Private Banking | Institutional Site

“The best investment we can make is that of devoting time to understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers, providing them with top quality consultancy services and financial products. We carry out our traditional day-to-day activities with discretion and efficiency, and this is thanks to our streamlined structure of expert professionals who stand out for their great team spirit and corporate identity. These have always been Banca Finnat’s guiding values: Private Banker since 1898.”

Banca Finnat’s Private Banking service started out as a team of professionals with lengthy experience and a wealth of varied and diverse knowledge thanks to its differing professional backgrounds and origins: from Asset Management to Extraordinary Finance, Corporate Finance and Brokerage, from Real Estate to Trust Services.

This union of expertise enables us to offer an excellent Private Banking service, focused on innovation, risk management and capital protection.

An essential element of correct Private Banking activities is the careful management of risk, which permits the customer to follow the development of their assets in an informed and confident manner during the alternating phases of the markets and to obtain as much value from them as possible.

Banca Finnat private customers seek protection for their assets and the integrity of the same in relation to their future intended use. We are able to work alongside the customer in these choices with our Asset Management and Consultancy services, with Trusteeships via the Group’s Trust Companies: Finnat Fiduciaria and Finnat Gestioni SA, and with the help of our Advisory & Corporate Finance service.

Our investment proposals and consultancy solutions are always characterised both by the excellence of the service provided and their complete legal and financial compliance.

The Banca Finnat Private Banker benefits from ongoing top-quality training covering aspects relating to asset management and issues of a legal, tax-related and extraordinary finance nature, which ensures that the Bank’s professionals are reliable consultants capable of meeting the financial, business and asset protection needs of our customers.

The professionalism and quality of our services are always supplemented with total discretion and an individual and trusting relationship between customer and Private Banker, achieved thanks to the limited number of relationships each Banca Finnat professional manages

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